Top Three Industries That Need LED Lighting

industries that need led lighting

A simple Google search will quickly show you that LED lighting technology is becoming more and more popular in Indiana – and for good reason. LED lighting can conserve energy, reduce maintenance costs, provide better lighting quality, and is environmentally responsible. Whether you’re looking to change the lightbulbs in your home, or completely retrofit the exterior and interior lighting of a large office building, LED lighting is likely the best lighting solution for you.

While nearly every building – both residential and commercial – can benefit from LED lighting, an LED retrofit is particularly suited to a few organizations. Today, we’ll discuss the top three industries that need LED lighting.

Schools and Universities

Educational facilities have to balance tight budgets while providing a safe and efficient environment for their students and staff. Interior LED lighting can increase the light quality indoors, which means better learning conditions for students and better teaching conditions for staff. In addition, reduced energy consumption results in reduced energy costs. Energy savings in buildings that retrofit to LED have been estimated to be up to 50-90%.

Retrofitting existing outdoor lighting structures with exterior LED lighting can provide higher quality light and a cost-effective solution that will pay off over time. Better light quality in the parking lot can bring greater security after dark and play a part in the safety and security of the students and staff. Outdoor LED lighting for schools and universities can save money, provide a safer environment, increase light quality, and reduce liability issues.


industries that need led lightingMunicipalities and other administrative organizations are great candidates for LED retrofits, both indoors and outdoors. Like educational facilities, municipalities have both interior and exterior lighting needs and are usually operating on a tight budget. Interior LED lighting for municipalities can help increase the light quality for employees, providing a better working environment. The longer lamp life and superior warranties on supplies means lower maintenance expenses, and more budget to spend on other necessities for the township.

A major portion of responsibility for municipalities is street and neighborhood lighting. Improving outdoor lighting quality through an LED retrofit can increase security of the citizens, reducing liability issues and deter crime.

Commercial Real Estate Organizations

Companies that own, operate, or manage real estate assets are always looking for ways to keep their facilities and properties operating as efficiently as possible. Like schools and municipalities, commercial real estate organizations often have both indoor and outdoor lighting needs. Indoors, an LED lighting retrofit can increase light quality and conserve energy, thereby providing both better working conditions for tenants and lower energy bills for the landowner. An outdoor LED lighting retrofit can help improve sustainability and reduce liability issues by increasing safety and security in parking lots.

Some of the most common real estate organizations that can benefit from LED lighting are:

  • Multi-family housing
  • Storage facilities
  • Public parking lots or parking garages
  • Strip malls
  • Outdoor malls

LED Lighting Benefits

While there are a few particular industries that need LED lighting, nearly every business can benefit from switching to LED lighting technology. Energy efficiency, better light quality, and lower maintenance costs are only a few benefits of LED retrofitting.

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Electrical Wiring for an Outdoor Kitchen

electrical wiring for an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular, and what’s not to love? Whether you like to entertain, enjoy grilling a meal for your family, or want to increase property value, an outdoor kitchen has a lot to offer. Being sure that your outdoor kitchen is planned properly can help you enjoy it for years to come. In this blog, we’ll discuss electrical wiring for an outdoor kitchen.

Electrical Outlets

While planning electrical wiring for an outdoor kitchen, it’s important to consider the location and type of electrical outlets you will use. Are you going to install a mini-fridge near your grill? Do you use a blender or food processor often? How about just having the ability to plug in a small fan near the grill? Planning enough electrical outlets in the right locations can make the use of your outdoor kitchen easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

While you’re planning where to put the outlets, be sure to consider the type of outlets you want to install. It’s a good idea to put the outdoor kitchen on its own GFCI circuit board inside your house. If you need to reset the system, it will be far simpler to reset it from indoors than to crawl behind an undercounter appliance to reach a buried outlet. An experienced electrician will know the codes inside and out and can help you make sure your kitchen will be both safe and comfortable.


Having enough lighting is another important consideration when planning the electrical wiring for an outdoor kitchen. Of course, if you plan to use your grill after dark, you will need lighting at your island or bar. Your kitchen probably includes seating, so having enough lighting in your seating area is also important. Dimmable lighting is useful, because you can adjust the lighting to meet your needs, while still being able to enjoy the stars.

Ceiling Fans

If your kitchen includes a covered seating or cooking area, you may want to consider a ceiling fan. Of course, standing over a grill can get hot. Couple that with the humid Indiana summers, and you’re bound to need a way to cool off. An electrician can help you plan for, wire, and install a ceiling fan that can be used for lighting as well if desired.

Electrical Wiring for Outdoor Kitchens from White’s Electrical

No matter the size or needs of your outdoor kitchen, White’s Electrical has got you covered. From the practical planning stage, to custom design, to installation and maintenance, there is no job too big or too small for our licensed electricians.

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Benefits of Landscape Lighting

landscape lighting

When the weather warms up, most of us like to get outside and take advantage of the longer daylight hours. But the appeal of summer doesn’t stop when it gets dark. No matter our reasons for wanting to be outside after dark, having the option to fully illuminate our surroundings can have some big benefits.


Well-lit paths can help prevent tripping or other accidents. Lighting walkways, stairs, or any other potentially hazardous area can help you navigate safely around the property. In addition, having dark areas illuminated can help give peace of mind for someone who may become easily frightened in the dark.


Unwanted intruders are much less likely to attempt an intrusion into a well-lit area. Use landscape lighting to illuminate the perimeter of your home, especially entry points. Although lights cannot prevent crime, statistics show that a well-lit home is much more likely to deter criminals.
Motion-tripped floodlights are a great way to protect your home and save energy at the same time. They only turn on when they sense motion instead of remaining on all night long.

Ambiance and Entertainment

The right landscape lighting can help set the perfect atmosphere for your party. Illuminate pools, patios, decks, and any space where you guests will be. You might even say that landscape lighting will make your summer parties “lit.”


Even if you aren’t entertaining guests, just enjoying your backyard alone is much easier with the right lighting. Landscape lighting can allow you to use your pool or spa, outdoor kitchen or grill, or patio after dark.

Added Value

The right lighting can make your home stand out from the rest. Professionally placed landscape lighting can be used to revel subtle contours, shapes, and textures of your home and property. This can add value to your home and increase its curb appeal. Landscape lighting can be used to accentuate architecture and the charm of your home.

Why should I work with White’s Electrical for my landscape lighting?

White’s Electrical can help you increase the security, safety, ambiance, function, and value of your home by adding landscape lighting. Our design team will walk you through the process and work with you to make your vision come to life. Our licensed electricians can provide the exceptional service and professionalism you have been looking for. Connect with us on Facebook, submit this online contact form, or give us a call to schedule a consultation today!

Motion Sensor Lights for Your Home

motion sensor lights

Motion sensor lights can help calm your nerves by lighting up a dark garage, sidewalk, or any other area of your yard. Whether you want to install motion sensor lights for added home security, or to help you see when you’re coming home at night, you’ll feel safer when nearby motion activates your motion sensor lighting and they turn on automatically.

How Motion Sensor Lights Work

Motion sensor lights work by using small electronic “eyes” to detect infrared waves, or heat waves that radiate from moving objects. When the detector senses moving objects in its range of “vision” it automatically turns on the lights. The lights typically stay on for up to 20 minutes, depending on how the timer is set. They automatically shut off the light at this time unless they continue to sense movement.

Choosing Motion Sensor Lights

Most people choose to install motion sensor lighting for either added security or added safety. Although motion sensor lights aren’t actually advertised for the sole purpose of security or safety, it gives the homeowner a starting point for choosing what will meet their needs. Security-based lights are designed to deter criminals from the property, while safety-based lights are designed to light up darkened areas.

When choosing the right motion sensor light, it’s important to decide how easily you want the light to be triggered. Broadly speaking, there are two types of motion sensors used in lights: active-motion and passive-motion. Active-motion sensor lights send out signals that then return to the motion sensor. When an object has moved in front of the sensor, the signal returns to the sensor quickly, which triggers the light. Active-motion sensors can be triggered by any moving object, including people, animals, or blowing leaves. Passive-motion sensor lights only receive signals, and scan the area for heat. Only objects that emit heat (a human body) trigger the sensor to turn on the light.

Installing Motion Sensor Lights

For your motion sensor lighting to be most effective, position the lights to cover walkways to your door and driveway. If safety is a concern, place lights to cover areas such as decks, patios, and pools. If security is a priority, position lights to cover all entrances to your house, and any darker areas of your yard.

Motion sensor lights are typically easy to install, but each brand is different, so be sure to read the instructions before you begin. And remember – safety first! If you aren’t completely sure of your electrical knowledge, call a local licensed electrician for help.

Motion sensor lights can help ease your mind in the dark, and White’s Electrical can help. From choosing the right lights, to finding the best locations and completing the installation, the licensed electricians at White’s Electrical are happy to help. Give us a call today!

Outdoor Lighting for the Perfect Patio

outdoor lighting

Summer is nearly here, which means we’re firing up the grill and spending more time outdoors. Just like we put a lot of effort into curating the perfect décor inside our homes, many of us pay special attention to the details of creating just the right outdoor living space. Yet, what often seems to go overlooked when designing our ideal outdoor space is how to keep it cool during those hot summer days, and well-lit during the beautiful starry nights. At White’s Electrical, we can help make the outdoor lighting choices to make your backyard living and dining area perfect.

Ceiling Fan Installation

If you have a sunroom, screened-in porch, or even a covered porch, having a ceiling fan installed is a great way to increase air flow and help keep your covered space a comfortable temperature. Make sure to put your fan in reverse for a downward airflow to effectively cool your outdoor living space during the warmer months. Having ways to cool your covered outdoor living area can make all the difference in the comfort and amount of time you can spend there. The licensed electricians at White’s Electrical can help you choose and install the fan that would best meet your needs.

Patio and Yard Lighting

Choosing the right lighting for your outdoor living space can extend the amount of time you are able to be outside, and make that time more enjoyable. With so many different styles, sizes, colors, and placements, lighting fixtures can have a dramatic impact on your outdoor living space.

Lamp Posts and Sconces

Some of the most popular outdoor lighting options include more traditional options such as lamp posts and lanterns or sconces attached to the home. These can not only be useful during the summer months when you’re spending time outside, but can be used year-round to light walkways and other outdoor areas.

outdoor lighting

String Lights

Simple string lights are an option that is gaining in popularity that is not only easy to install, but can help create an intimate, romantic ambiance. They can easily be strung from beam to beam on the patio or around the edge of doorways, just like you would hang Christmas lights. Be sure you’re using string lights safely, though, and only use extension cords approved for outdoor use. If temporary lighting such as string lights are your choice, you may want to have a GFCI outlet installed on your patio. This can help prevent circuit overload and lower the risk of electrical hazards.

Outdoor Lights on a Dimmer Switch

Depending on the mood you’re looking to create, choosing to have outdoor lighting installed that can be dimmed with a dimmer switch may be a good option. Being able to control the amount of light put out by just one fixture gives you the ability to easily change how brightly or dimly a light is shining on your dinner party.

No matter what mood you want to create in your outdoor living space, White’s Electrical can help you make the right choices on outdoor lighting to fit your needs. From lamp posts, GFCI circuits for outdoor lighting, or outdoor lighting on dimmer switches, White’s Electrical can do it all.