LED Lighting / LED Retrofitting

LED Lighting and LED Retrofitting Services

White’s Electrical is proud to offer LED retrofitting services. LED retrofitting is the process of replacing existing lighting with a new and better lighting technology, increasing energy efficiency and light quality in the facility. Older, outdated lighting technologies such as fluorescent, CFL and HID are converted to a newer, more energy-efficient technology, like a LED system.

Most commercial lighting systems today utilize outdated, inefficient electrical technology. These old systems produce poor light and can be very wasteful, driving up energy consumption and maintenance expense. Not only are they hard on the environment, but leaving them in place is simply a waste of money. Luckily, there is another option.

Why consider retrofitting to LED?

There are many reasons a company may consider switching to LED lighting technology. Energy efficiency, better light quality, and lower maintenance costs are only a few benefits of LED retrofitting.

• With a reduced carbon footprint and zero hazardous waste, being environmentally responsible is a reward in itself.
• Being eco-friendly enhances a company’s image by reflecting the environmental concerns of clients, vendors, employees, and the public.
• The longer lamp life and superior warranties on supplies means lower maintenance expenses.
• Reduced energy consumption results in reduced energy costs. Energy savings have been estimated to be up to 50 – 90%.
• Government tax deductions, local incentives, and power utility rebates may be available to companies who adopt energy-efficient practices.
• Better light quality means better working conditions for employees, and increases a company’s image to the client.

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Whether you’re seeking to reduce the carbon footprint and upgrade the lighting systems of an existing structure, or ensure the most up-to-date electrical technology in a new building, White’s Electrical is the right choice for the job. Give us a call today to see how we can help!